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Our Service Portfolio

We are focused on organizational learning and development, specializing in business coaching, soft skills training and talent assessment to organizations and their teams across all levels.

This is what we know and we’re good at it.

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Executive Coaching

Our CONNECT coaching model offers the coachee the opportunity to connect at different levels with the Coach, with his/her inner being and the environment, as part of an integral process that finds solutions at a personal and organizational level. 

C - Clear goals

O - Open and flexible

N - Here and Now

N - CoNnect with empathy

E - Empowerment with accountability

C - Develop Competencies

T - Trust-building conversations

Soft Skills Training

​​Our ASSEMBLE modular approach offers customized training designed to fill competency gaps at different management levels. It is focused on flexibility and scalability depending on the client’s needs, while offering experiences for deep engagement and optimal effectiveness of course delivery.

A: Active participation

S - Scalable method

S - Structured modular courses

E - Experiential journey

M - Meaningful changes

B - Build capabilities

L - Learning development

E - Embrace new behavior

Talent Assessment

In the modern workplace, talent assessment is an essential tool for businesses of all sizes and industries. It enables organizations to identify and develop their employees' talents and potential, thereby enhancing their performance and productivity, whilst helping organizations identify skills gaps. 


This is where we view Talent Assessment as the perfect complement for the Coaching and Training processes, as it offers crucial information for our Clients to understand their teams and needs, laying the proper groundwork for talent and organizational learning and development.

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Organizational Design

More powerful, more efficient, less hierarchical organizations:
is not for everyone, but everyone can benefit from it.
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